The Art of !Trading

Taking a break from trading is not a simple matter. Unless you’re simply quitting, in which case it’s a very simple matter. But if you find yourself paying less attention to the market as your life becomes consumed by something else (a medical condition, the birth of a new child, a new job, relocation, golf lessons) then you need to identify it’s time to participate in the art of not trading.

It’s not the same thing as “quote” — putting your trading on the shelf for now. No, that’s pretty much quitting. The art of not trading is something different. It’s more like hibernating. Or like the deep sleep you would experience in inter-galactic space travel. When you wake up, the market will be different, but probably much the same. You just need to remember how to stand up, walk, articulate verbally about how glad you are to be back and curse in a manner consistent with your personality.

The art has to do with being able to cycle between the state of trading, and the state of not trading. It’s an art so you are left to your own imagination as to how it plays out.

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