Nasdaq 100 going to 5,500 (in 14 months)

Alright, it’s a bold statement. And as you will see below, it’s based on the premise that this is an interaction, or a a “quote” — recurrence of 1999. But that’s what it is. Let’s start with exhibit A:

Nasdaq 1999

Wow, that’s a wicked weekly chart. Clearly oversold, right. Well that was 1999. Let’s see where we are now. Stage hands: Exhibit B!

Nasdaq 2012

This is where we are now. Not to say history repeats itself, but if it ever did what do you suppose would happen next? Well if you are guessing a great meltdown, think again. Stage hands, please present Exhibit C!

Nasdaq big down

Conclusion: We have room to go.

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